Project manager:

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Mitja Valentinc, director MC Krško

Mihaela Kovačič, project coordinator,, 041 637 662

mag. Danijela Švajger,, 051 328 899

Petra Ivnik,, 041 758 408

Youth Center Krško will be actively involved in the project’s management and coordination, and in implementation of the youth work volunteer training. It will be responsible for informing the wider professional and lay public in the Posavje region and in Slovenia as whole, and will also be active in the field of drug prevention among young people, primary and high school students (lectures and workshops).

Project partners:


Zdenka Žveglič,,

031 707 026

Katja Starc,,

07/ 490 49 58

Center for Social Work Krško will be in charge of the implementation of preventive interventions at the workplace (needs analysis, design, implementation and manuals), and will be included in the implementation and coordination of prevention activities at schools. It will also conduct the project’s partial evaluation and contribute to networking and active informing.

zd krško

Vlasta Curhalek,,

Romana Miklič,,

Tanja Povhe,,

Community Health Care Center Krško will contribute to the results in the field of preventive activities for youth, and independently execute the prevention project pilot for children. The center will, along with other organizations, seek common solutions in the field of addiction and participate in the educational aspects of the network and, thus, enable everyone involved in the project to share their knowledge, attitudes and problems they are facing.

Družinski inštitut Zaupanje-žig
 Family Institute Zaupanje 

Damijan Ganc,,

07/8141056, 041 772 245

Family Institute Zaupanje will be in charge of the management of inter-institutional network. It will participate in implementing the advisory or therapeutic work. Based on the research, the institute will be involved in designing of and evaluating an effective model for therapeutic and counseling work with »involuntary« or unmotivated participants. It will be involved in the volunteer training process regarding street work with young people, and it will monitor the of street work pilot project in Posavje. A representative of the institute will cooperate in the preparation and implementation of the planned conferences and other dissemination activities of the project.

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